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Fuel for a dream

by on May.20, 2010, under New Religion, Psycho Babble

As organic creatures the notion of immortality seems futile. Hence the cognitive creation of the soul. Does the mere desire and thought of such a construct make it so? Perhaps it could be so? If the energy of thought is pushed collectively to a single construct (continue reading…)

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Wish I was here…

by on May.19, 2010, under Generic

I really dislike spam. I find I need to delete countless thousands of comments without being able to legitimatize the few that are real. So I delete the precious few that belong in a effort to have any sense of organization. Spam is the chief reason I stopped blogging. I hope all spammers feel the combined agony they cause everyone someday, just so they can understand this has no place in my utopia. If this was on my religious page it would go under a Karma entry.  Peace out friends.

spam in a week

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young talent

by on Apr.16, 2010, under music

I got a kick out of this post, another cute kid video but worth at least a minute. Goes on longer than needed for my taste, but definitely worth a peek. Kid is only four years old.

Rock On!

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raw talent

by on Apr.15, 2010, under music

I decided to post some of the music vids I come across during my browsing. I will only post one at a time cuz of course they link to others and you could go off on your own if you find my selection of entertainment value to yourself.  Hear is my first post, give it some time, it was very enjoyable for me.

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My glossary of the Blogiverse

by on Apr.14, 2010, under Silly

Had some time to kill,…  wierd phrase that…. gimme some of yerz.

This is a post I will be adding content, so it will change.


A blogger who tends toward holistic, healthy lifestyle blogs.



A bloggers practice of faithfully posting and answering comments at least once per week.



Blogging in the oriental persuasion



art posted in blogs (continue reading…)

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If I don’t knock will there still be an answer?

by on Apr.13, 2010, under New Religion

I am certain within my own understandings the only reason we human beings have announced the presence of a soul, or spirit, is because our need to survive is pushed past the grave. And since there is not a viable, empirical, man-made means of extending life, we create a vessel to carry us forth. Think about it. What religion do you know needs this “vessel” if you do not continue past death? I too, find a spirit comforting when pondering life. While I claim no faith in it in any form, I welcome its existence.

I think there is a means of “interacting” with spirit, that resides in us all as it interpenetrates the rest of reality. I chose to believe that. I have numerous rationalities, all comforting enough to me to not leave me in despair. However, the “past death” thing goes in so many directions for me still I could not be concrete enough to offer an objective view. The best I can do is join in conversations and reach for the moment as it reveals itself to my understandings.

I recall an author from my investigations long ago, (when I was a teen), his name was Rudolf Steiner. He coined a phrase I liked, called “Super-sensible knowledge.” I think of it as intuition, with a foot in humanity. It seems to come into play for me whenever I let my mind wander.

So, will the deity you follow open the door if I don’t knock?

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To be or not to be

by on Apr.09, 2010, under New Religion

A new religion! Check out the page too (top link), I will add things to it later.

Wow… this could be way fun. I think it should be too, or why bother.  I am hesitant to ramble too much right now. I will say that I personally have a very hard time with blind faith. So I like the old school worshiping of the things tangible. The “Earth” for example. The “Sun” surely gives us life. Perhaps there is a …. well…   I will wait to see if I elicit any response before I continue.

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“tears of a clown, when there’s no one around”

by on Mar.28, 2010, under Psycho Babble

I am taking a class to learn this whole world of “blogging” and just discovered I have nothing to say. What I mean is the instruction in the class suggested a blog should have a topic.  I do many many things in my life, but none that I wanna do a focused blog on. So…  now what.

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I don’t think “Hank” done it this a-way…..

by on Mar.26, 2010, under Generic

One thing for sure, my utopian ideal would have music of all types. I think music is definitely something special about humanity. One of our redeeming qualities for sure.

My utopia would probably not have propane tanks, but I wanted to share this cool use of an empty one. My  son’s created these things called Hank Drum’s. I think named such because some cartoon guy named Hank sells propane. But I was dually impressed. The first couple days after he made his Hank drum he made a YouTube video with it. He improved since this was done, but it will give you the idea.


So, it was so fun, I made my own Hank Drum eventually.

The reason for these in the first place is many people wanted to create a cheap version of the “Hang Drum”. Hang Drums are incredible. They are made by two guys in Switzerland. Word has it they have a patent on the manufacturing process and do not want to sell it or expand their own capacity for creating them. According to internet lore, they have enough orders to do it for the rest of their lives. At $2500 apiece, I’m thinking they are doing OK. I read somewhere online, it takes two days to make one.

Here is a sample of one being played.


I have watched many of the YouTube videos and always feel like there is hope for humanity after I do.

My beating heart.

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First Utopian reflection:

by on Mar.23, 2010, under Psycho Babble

After today’s day at work I have to say this. I know that my Utopia would not define the efforts of my labors in terms of a currency system based on my depicted worth to our social, cultural, societal aspirations. And no, I do not have something better in mind at the moment, give me a minute. Something inside screams that there has to be a better way.

I do not figure we will last, odds are against us, hope I am wrong. 96% of all species of life we humans have been able to realize is now extinct. So the odds aren’t good is all I’m saying. Oh-oh – I am hearing the “not another doomsday preacher” ethers floating my way across the space/time continuum right now. I am not really, I actually hypothesize on all angles. However, as I mentioned in my first posting, I gravitate my postulations around the unknown. Perhaps because you can’t prove me wrong, HA. I might be on to something there.

I am guessing that the blogger’s pathways are filled with people just like me. Trying to communicate our relations to life as we experience and understand it. Trying to share something a kindred soul might come across and smile at. That seems what I as a person with no focused expertise can use this medium for, mental masturbation I like to call it. I am the one to get the satisfaction from it.

Here is an easy one. A no brainer. The environment. I preach and shout my stance with spittle and outrage, as I use a computer and consume an ex-ordinate amount of resources to enjoy my lifestyle. I know I am a huge hypocrite in this area. Nature is truly my deepest spiritual source of reverence. If I had to identify with any religion it would be one of Gaia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis concepts of some sort. While many of the American Indians were as bloody and savage to each other as we seem to be, I like their religious thing much better than most our “Anglos” practice. … mmm, not too many heathen ethers, coo.

Well I will take a quick stab at something concrete. What about 6 hour days, two shifts! We could have like a symbiotic relationship worker thing. Slight over lap when needed to maintain projects and work. Maybe meetings on Fridays to add to the cohesive nature of our work partner. I am sure I could work out the economics. It would certainly employee everyone. It would drastically increase our productivity. People would be happier and perhaps healthier with more time to pursue other things in life.

Well, its a thought.

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