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To be or not to be

by on Apr.09, 2010, under New Religion

A new religion! Check out the page too (top link), I will add things to it later.

Wow… this could be way fun. I think it should be too, or why bother.  I am hesitant to ramble too much right now. I will say that I personally have a very hard time with blind faith. So I like the old school worshiping of the things tangible. The “Earth” for example. The “Sun” surely gives us life. Perhaps there is a …. well…   I will wait to see if I elicit any response before I continue.

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  1. Genoriffic

    Have you tried a golden calf? That’s tangibe – but I think it’s been done.

  2. admin

    Grrrr… i spent about 45 minutes replying to you, and it all went away… to who knows… maybe it was the golden calf preventing my rebuttal.

  3. Susan

    Ahhh I’m with the first poster. I think the sun and earth thing has been done too.

    How to explain to someone who is struggling with this I don’t know. All I can tell you is my own experiences and “knowing” there is more. Since I was a young child, I have ‘traveled’ while asleep. Some may say it is just a lucid dream, but experiencing both, I can tell you they are different. I have been to other ‘worlds’ or places and sometimes I just hang around the earth plane. The thing is I am convinced there is life after death. In fact I believe it is now that we are asleep, and our wakened selves are truly beyond this realm. Can I prove it? No but how can anyone gaze up at the stars at night, or see the beauty and creation around them and not believe in some sort of Creation. I am not talking about the biblical “created in 7 days” but some sort of ‘creative energy’ that is behind the amazing workings of life as we know it. Be comforted my dear, there is more and you will one day ‘remember’ that. :)

  4. admin

    Actually you are my second serious poster, thanks!
    The sun and earth thing is indeed ancient. Still very appealing to me. Of course there is way more “religious” potential as in sentient components to celestial bodies, etc. After all, our bodies are simply made from the same star dust that created this planet.

    Astral projectionist, very cool. I wish I could have such an experience. I studied in earnest the ways of Theosophy for a few years. Many of their more celebrated authors speak of their experiences with that phenomenon. Charles Leadbeater, Annie Besant come to mind. Madam Blavatsky, a founder of Theosophy, in her “Secret Doctrine” eluded to many cultures esoteric practices utilizing it (astral projection) in healing and other methodologies. I truly find it a possible occurrence as I am a believer that thought has form, in a less dense than the physical atomic structure of this plane. I just have never personally experienced it. Dang.

    Other worlds. Lucky duck. I am a believer of multi dimensional existence and think a possible link between the quantum processes of consciousness and the quantum gravitational mechanisms that underpin spacetime. I believe it was the “Weyl curvature tensor” that first brought such concepts to light. Another major brain delve of mine. I envy you that quality.

    The “dreamer and the dreamed” concept you mentioned is intriguing. Oh my, just thinking about it again brings me to my youth reading Carlos Castaneda and his accounts with the Yaqui shaman. He reported experiences about a nagel (or something as I recall) that was akin to astral projection also, and he mentioned the same phenomena about this world we perceive being the dream, and our real selves are the dreamers. Those books were a fun read.

    Susan, I am with you on the star gazing, I do believe in a creative force. Thank you for sharing with me in search for utopia.
    - Pleximus

  5. Womenhealyoursleves

    When I was about 13 I read “Journeys Out of the Body” by Robert Monroe. That was when I realized what was happening to me and learned much more control of it. As the years past however and I discovered alcohol and “other’ things, my control has weakened. I would so love to get back to complete control and perhaps one day I will. I have always wanted to go to The Monroe Institute for an advance class.

    I have also read all of the Kryon books. I find them very straight forward on many subjects of this nature.

    Since you enjoy the science of it all you may like the book, “Frequency” by Penney Peirce. It is about the souls personal vibration and energy and how to raise it. You would find this helpful for your meditations.

    Ok, I need to get back to “Unreality” and get some class work done. I took two classes this 6 weeks and the other one is kicking my butt, plus it is spring break here so very little time to myself.

    I hope we can continue this banter.

    Guess you see I changed my log in… I’m still trying to figure out just how WP works. :)

  6. Susan

    So what happened to everyone? It’s like our whole class just quit? You didn’t even reply on your own blog…. I’m hurt!

    LOL no really I was looking for more stimulating conversation and there is none to be had….sigh….maybe some other time. I’ll keep popping in to see if you have posted anything else.

    Enjoyed the kid drummer now if that does not convince you of reincarnation nothing will…
    Signed your “Blogetarian” Friend, Susan :)

  7. admin

    Hi Susan,
    Wow, so much to say, so little time. Thanks, and I will endeavor to persevere in the Blog nation. I will post another lengthy debacle of some sort soon. Please feel free to comment as you have been the only one who has!!! I swear to god I had to remove 842 spams. WTF! That is another reason that blogging is so time consuming.

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  9. Sliloh

    I believe we last past death. My father was the most down to earth man I knew and after my brother died (from suicide), my father swears he saw him, with wings, cavorting beside the car one night, happy as he could be. Of course, I have a strong wish for that to be true. :)


  10. admin

    So another wrinkle then…. if it is indeed a “soul” that continues after death of the physical body, what is life itself. Does a soul come looking for a physical life form to play out a moment in time, to participate in the animation of the physical matter? Or… does the soul enable the animation of physical matter? This could lead to many postulations based on the path one chose. For example, if the “soul” enabled life, it would only be reasonable to deduct that the machination of future human endeavors could evolve to the point of attracting a soul. The “Ghost in the Machine” theories. After all, it is just physical matter. Once inhabited with a “soul” perhaps it would then be struck with an inherent purpose.

    I personally believe, if we can survive our technological adolescence, humanity will indeed gravitate toward, well a more cyborg like state. We will surely extend the means of our cellular structure as far as possible, and many will not find the adapting to machination “right”, but it will happen. Strong replaceable bodies, selected for the style of work your interests desire, while still maintaining an “organic” personality which interacts with its surrounding will be a long period of our evolution.
    That is, if we grow-up cognitively enough to swart our petty ways, which to me looks to be not good right now. Perhaps some form of interference that shakes the foundations of all cultures, brings them together in understanding. Sounds like the theme from many a Hollywood movie…:).

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