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What’s in a name.

by on Mar.21, 2010, under Psycho Babble

What’s in a name?

I have been staring at my screen trying to just let go. It is easy in my head, another thing in print. So I got caught up right away. “What should I name this post? This being my first what I would consider first post of any substance ever, I thought it important? I mean if this is the first post I am going to use to start my blog, my first blog, the name should be catchy right. But in what way catchy… catchy as in funny catchy? Or maybe catchy as in introspective catchy? Could it be both? Will people ever see it in the way intended?

I am wondering if my name were Rex, would I name my blog Blogasauras Rex.

Wanna here a funny thing? Ever since I decided I would give this blog thing a try, I have been like bloggin in my head? No really… I am talking to my self in “blogese” as I drive down the road in my car. It kinda freaks me out. I starting thinking about something like usual, then I say to myself, “Here is how I could tell someone else this so they might understand.” Then I start thinking like I’m a blog post. Weird huh?

I think it is because in my normal way of self conversation about most everything, I use shortcuts based on my personal relation to the concept. Imagery shortens introspection immensely I find. The minds eye,… so fun to contemplate. I gotta believe it happens in us all. Picture worth a thousand words kinda thinking. What if we communicate like this? In our collective unconscious we pass entire concepts to each other with an image created within our minds eye? It would be blazing speed as all the words, feelings, concepts and memories associated with a picture could be shared in one instant. Gotta love that “mind’s eye”.

So do you think this reality could be just a common ground created by our collective unconscious? Just a thought.

Collective unconscious, another cool one.

Some one mentioned discussing quantum physics in our blogs. Here is the wiki:
I would love to understand that in the manner intended.

The whole time/space construct is another one I could ramble on all night about.

Ok, I admit it, I stroke that part of me that likes to think about the unknown. But I can be a flower guy too. I live on a small Hobby farm in Minnesota. Animals and stuff, but I get into my flowers around the place every spring and summer. I find it hard to tell many guys. Like one relative is really into Nascar and I am quite sure I am less of a man to him because I like my flowers. And that less of man thing is on some sorta scale depending on how close you are to liking flowers yourself. And I think if you are closer to liking flowers I am more apt to telling you my weird thoughts. Is it all relative to ones base reality? Would the Nascar guy been more apt to tell his unusual thoughts to another Nascar guy, or to a flower guy? Mmm, I am thinking there are surely Nascar flower guys.

Anyone want to start a conversation about something? I would love to try it? Never let go in print like that, but willing to give it a try. I have only one friend who I can talk about anything and everything with deeply. Nice to have that. I worry about being judged I think. But I’m thinking why not.

signed, Pleximus

Your thinking what’s with that name?

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  1. Sliloh

    I know I read this post before but I guess I forgot to leave a comment. That isn’t unusual for me :)

    Listening to your musings I have decided you should change your name to Rex. That would really rock! I do the same thing with my blog, seeing posts everywhere and thinking like that. I used to do the same with Bryce, I’d see a house, or a scene and think “I can make that in Bryce!”. But the ultimate was when my daughter was playing Farm Town on Facebook and said everytime she passed a field she’d be thinking it was harvest time :)

    I can completely get behind the idea that reality is created by all of our unconscious working to the greater good of maintaining our sanity!

  2. admin

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